Las aguas de la ira: economía y cultura del agua en México ¿sustentabilidad o gratuidad?
ISSN-e: 2448-7368

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Santacruz-De León E. E. (2022). Las aguas de la ira: economía y cultura del agua en México ¿sustentabilidad o gratuidad?. Revista De Geografía Agrícola, (68), 131-132. Recuperado a partir de https://chapingo-cori.mx/geografia/geografia/article/view/r.rga.2022.068.bookreview


Paraphrasing the title of John Steinbeck’s novel “The Grapes of Wrath” Saldivar titles his text as “The Water of Wrath”, first, it is important to emphasize that the work that is discussed here does not acquire the tone of indignant claim as Steinbeck does, who denounces the “greedy bastards who have caused this”, the author refers to the great economic crisis of 1929 known as the great crash or the great depression. From the reading of the text it can be inferred that the author of “The Water of Wrath” uses a tone of academic complaint, without showing the indignation of Steinbeck, by talking about the global water crisis.

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