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Vol.26, núm.2 - 2020

Genetic parameters of an interspecific cross between S. lycopersicum L. and S. habrochaites Knapp & Spooner
Parámetros genéticos de una cruza interespecífica de S. lycopersicum L. y S. habrochaites Knapp & Spooner

Recibido: 2019/12/09

Aceptado: 2020/04/05

Fecha de publicación en línea: 2020-04-30 /pág.111-123


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    The main collection of allelic variants for breeding tomato (Solanum Lycopersicum L.) is represented by its wild relatives, which evolved independently. It is important to study different sources of variation that are useful in breeding; therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate S. habrochaites Knapp & Spooner as a source of different alleles by estimating the average degree of dominance, heterosis with respect to the mid-parent, and narrow-sense heritability of an interspecific cross with S. lycopersicum L. An S8 line derived from the LOR95 collection, the LA1223 accession of S. habrochaites Knapp & Spooner and the F1 generation from crossing the two materials were used. Genotypes were evaluated in a randomized complete block design during two greenhouse cycles in a hydroponic production system. Of 14 evaluated traits, total soluble solids concentration, stem diameter, total number of fruits and plant height showed an overdominance of LA1223, as well as heterosis of 17.2, 32.3, 55 and 49.2 % each, and heritability of 35, 93, 72 and 66 %, respectively. F1 generation had an increase of 2 mm in stem diameter, 30 cm in plant height, 4 fruits and 1.1 °Brix, with respect to the best parent for each variable; this suggests that it would be possible to use LA1223 to broaden the genetic base in the improvement of this vegetable.

    Keyworks: wild relatives, breeding, narrow- sense heritability, heterosis, average degree of dominance

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     (2020).  Parámetros genéticos de una cruza interespecífica de S. lycopersicum L. y S. habrochaites Knapp & Spooner.  .  26(2),   111-123.

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