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Vol.26, núm.2 - 2020

Physical-chemical characterization and potential for frying of genetic potato (Solanum tuberosum) materials
Caracterización físico-química y potencial para fritura de materiales genéticos de papa (Solanum tuberosum)

Recibido: 2019/09/03

Aceptado: 2020/04/24

Fecha de publicación en línea: 2020-05-30 /pág.143-157


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    reeding programs should consider, in addition to agronomic aspects (yield, crop cycle, resistance to diseases and pests, among others), aspects related to suitability for use and quality of the final product, since consumer acceptance depends on them. Therefore, the objective of this research was to characterize 24 potato (Solanum tuberosum) genetic materials, considered promising for frying, and a commercial control based on physical (dry matter content, specific gravity and color) and chemical (total polyphenols, total antioxidant capacity and polyphenol oxidase activity) quality parameters. Differences were found in dry matter content, where three genetic materials (07032.3, 10025.1 and 07062.1), with values less than 20 %, would not be suitable for frying, but for cooking. Specific gravity was similar among genetic materials, proving to be a parameter not as strict for selection as dry matter content. Differences were observed in polyphenol oxidase activity (2.1 to 101.43 U∙gprotein-1 in dry weight [DW]) and frying color. Of all materials analyzed, 10 are promising for frying, while the rest have problems with low dry matter content (15.5 to 17.19 %), high polyphenol oxidase activity (> 45 U∙gprotein-1 in DW) and non-golden or dark color, which would make them less attractive to both industry and consumers.

    Keyworks: potato chips, dry matter, specific gravity, polyphenols, antioxidant capacity, polyphenol oxidase

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     (2020).  Caracterización físico-química y potencial para fritura de materiales genéticos de papa (Solanum tuberosum).  .  26(2),   143-157.

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